Sunday Music: Ladies And Gentlemen, The DJ Just Threw Up On The Dance Floor

There’s something about the climactic, unmitigated disaster in this song that’s so… relatable.

Ladies and gentlemen
The DJ just threw up
On the dance floor
Party is over
Time to go

It’s also the bridge of the song. It’s not the little stories in the verses or the comment in the chorus that, “I must have liked it a couple years ago / but at some point I changed my mind.” No, our puking DJ, the exact wrong entertainment for the otherwise presumably well-planned party, appears in the transitional point of the song and story. Such is life. It’s one thing to go 90mph down the straightaway, but another to still be doing 90 when you try to take that turn.

I’ve said it before, when The Front Bottoms nail it, they really nail it. Here’s “Laugh Till I Cry,” from their 2015 release, Back On Top.

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