Sunday Music: Mac Miller’s “Weekend (feat. Miguel)”

Sad, frustrating, and somehow feeling evident of a greater problem young people are facing at the time – Mac Miller is no longer with us.

“Weekend (feat. Miguel)” is his current top song in iTunes. Nihilism runs rampant today, and perhaps it’s rooted in our collective search for meaning in a world that’s increasingly social and isolated at the same time. The widening gyre between who we say we are and who we actually are on top of how we relate to our peers, groups, and friends is a new form of tech-induced stress.

Still, with lines like, “wonderin’ how I got this high / fell asleep and forgot to die,” we get a portrait of struggle and coping that deserves to be examined. I for one am finding that I liked more of his music than I originally gave him credit for. RIP Mac.

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