Sunday Music: Maggie Rogers

What feels like a long time coming, we finally got the full length Heard It In A Past Life from Maggie Rogers. A little bit folk, a little bit pop, a lot of bit mood and vibe heavy, this album feels like it’s going to grow on me more over time.

“On + Off” was released on the earlier EP but makes for a good entry point if you haven’t tried her yet. Playing with metaphors about the ocean and her emotions, which swell, drift and turn her “on and off,” it’s a beautiful non-resolving exploration of relationship dynamics. Lyrics like this are a good example of her poetry that shows up across the entire record:

Take me through this wild tide
Stay with me through all of time
If I’m drenched in madness, tangled blues
Won’t you?
Oh, won’t you?

Take me to that place where you always go
When you’re sleeping or your day takes you low, so low
When I’m on and off again
On and off again
On and off again, oh

Give the whole album a shot.

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