Sunday Music: Misfits Halloween Among Us

Hey! Sundays are for music. As a music-maker working in a less-than-musically focused world, this is my way to connect what I’m doing, thinking, and feeling with my favorite mode of expression This week I’ve been listening to…

October and Halloween mean one thing: Misfits songs.

I used to have my kids read Misfits lyrics as poetry (ahem… just the appropriate lyrics, I’m responsible) and then we’d belt and “whoa” along in the car.

They’re all the Elvis-noir + Ramones vibe I’ve ever needed. 20+ years since being introduced to their music, I guess I’m never outgrowing them. I’m still doing my part to pass them to another generation.

How can you resist lyrics like this?

Possession of the mind is a terrible thing
It’s a transformation with an urge to kill
Not the body of a man from earth
Not the face of the one you love, ’cause

Well, I turned into a Martian
I can’t even recall my name
Times I never hardly sleep at night
Well, I turned into a Martian today

Get your costume and Halloween audio-mood right.