Sunday Music: Montgomery Forever, And Now They’re Blowing It Up (The Front Bottoms Are Back)

In “Montgomery Forever” by The Front Bottoms we seem to find a conversation about the gentrification of a place, and also the gentrification of a relationship. In the same way, a location can be the same and the residents and real estate can change, relationships are fixtures too, and over time the dynamics and people we are in them with can change too. The connection here is “they” are blowing up the building where he remembers (“I was”) blowing up a relationship. Take a look at this second verse and chorus,

I can’t imagine
Not being able to trust myself
You and your mental illness
Whole time think I’m someone else
I shot the gun
You smashed your face in
It wasn’t fun (It wasn’t fun)
Until we could taste it

‘Cause we used to live here
And now they’re blowing it up (Now they’re blowing it up)
You started crying (You started crying)
As I was blowing it up (As I was blowing it up)

Montgomery forever, and ever, and ever
Now they’re blowing it up
Montgomery forever, and ever, and ever
Now they’re blowing it up
As you started crying, and laughing, and trying
To explain how all you wanna do is leave
Montgomery forever
And now they’re blowing it up
Montgomery forever
Montgomery forever

There’s one interview in Blunt Magazine where Brian Sella gives some hints about the meaning, but it’s little more than the location and high-level inspiration (still cool). On Reddit there are also some connections to a Mental Hospital in New Jersey near where they are from that could make partial sense too. Whatever you make of the lyrics, which is all that really matters anyway, this song is a prism. It also will someday make for one hell of a live singalong.