Sunday Music: New Gibbs

The vibe is still there. He’s one lane, and that’s ok. Pusha needs to push in the same way Gibbs need to be the Biggie/Pac of Gary, Indiana. 

I’ll still take him over more indie-sounding beats, but when he leans into stuff like “Dark Hearted” and ”Too Much (feat. Moneybagg Yo)”, I’m hoping he gets even more notoriety too. 

The fun part about his new record, $oul $old $eperately, is he’s playing with expanding his fan base and keeping people like me interested. 

Maybe “Lobster Omelette (feat. Rick Ross)” and “Gold Rings (feat. Pusha T)” aren’t the stand out tracks, but I have listened to this start to finish a handful of times already. 

Maybe not his best effort, but he’s attempting to expand and he’s doing that well. And if he wants to come back to making an album with Madlib, I’d be cool with that too. 

If you are looking for some background music to go get work done to, give it a shot. 

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