Sunday Music: New Playlist For October 2019

I’ll let the music and these brief notes speak for themselves. Music today is so good right now. I’m in complete awe of such a variety of artists across multiple genres, it’s inspiring. Much like the content explosion in our golden age of streaming/television, I think we are seeing something similar with music. Find the iTunes link for the playlist here, and if someone makes a Spotify or YouTube list, share it in the comments or send me an email (please) and I’ll share them here too. 
  1. “Baby I’m Bleeding,” by JPEGMAFIA. I’ve been wondering where underground hip-hop like this was hiding from me. Apparently all I needed was to ask, “Peggy where you been at?” First listen – get through the intro, it’s worth it. 
  1. “Murder.” by Toby Nwigwe. Note the period in the title. New-school braggadocio with an old school dancehall flair. “I never give it mercy.”
  2. “My Walk” by Raphael Saadiq. The wobble of the drums. The pitchy synth. The constant refrain. This is some musical journeyman genius right here, every concept, musical and lyrical is connected and supported. 
  3. “Georgia” by Brittany Howard. The trepidation and the pleading she makes us feel with this song could melt a person. 
  4. “Collar of Fur” by Fionn Regan. Kind of Nick Drake-y, I just get lost in this one.
  5. “Lord Randall’s Bastard Son” by The Walker Roaders. All you need to know is “Lord Randall” is a famous old ballad, and this song is it’s bastard son. Drink up, sing along, and the Pogues rabbit hole always awaits your return.
  6. “Typical Story” by Hobo Johnson. I really think he’s a genius. The loud-soft dynamics, the manic match of his delivery, and then there’s the underlying thoughtfulness of it all. I really hope he continues to evolve as an artist. And, I really hope we get more lines like this: “I’m afraid of everything staying the same or worsening / so what’s the point in finding calm when calm to me is unsettling?”
  1. “Ibtihaj (feat. D’Angelo and GZA)” by Rapsody. Feature these two on anything and I’ll listen.  I love this song. I know it’s a little long, but every reference – and I mean everything is a painstakingly crafted reference here – is amazing. 
  2. “Coming Home (feat. Ms. Lauren Hill)” by Pusha T. Two legendary voices on a track together. It got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave. 
  3. “Hair Down (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” by SiR. “If I take off my cool / do you promise to stay?” We can’t all relate to being celebrities, but we can all relate to the difficulties of finding authentic connections. 
  4. “Happiness is a Butterfly” by Lana Del Rey. Another song that the music, dynamics, and lyrics are so intricately woven that it’s jaw dropping.  Covered more here.
  5. “3 Tearz (feat. Run the Jewels)” by Danny Brown. I love when these three get together, it’s pure swagger. Mike’s verse at the end is my favorite. 
  6. “Alphabets” by GZA. The earlier guest spot made me want more, and I ended up dwelling on his later stuff. Of all the rappers I imagine rapping forever, he’s one of the few we can rely on to always maintain a certain high-quality. 
  7. “Polaroid Experience” by Youssoupha. Do I know what he’s saying? No. Do I get lost in this beat and his flow? Completely. 
  8. “Laser Lights” by Rex Orange County. If Stevie Wonder was a kid today he’d be doing something like this. 
  9. “Somedays” by Andy Frasco & the U.N. The lyrics… I’ve got feels.
  10. “Cathedral” by Hovvdy. There’s more going on here beneath the surface, I’d love to hear the story that inspired this one. I also need to go reread Raymond Carver (no relation, but it made me try the song in some weird, serendipitous way). 
  11. “Sky” by The Muffs. RIP Kim Shattuck. We’ll miss that voice. I love this closing track from the last record, it’s fitting. 

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