Sunday Music: Pusha-T Has Something for Everyone

There’s (finally) a new Pusha-T album out. You know, the Kanye produced one we’ve been hearing about for how many years now?


Go read some reviews for a critical eye, but I’ll say this:

Channel The Hard Thing About Hard Things, or whatever you need to do to convert drug dealing into your form of grit, and give this a chance.

There is literally something for everyone.

For the finance people, “them prices ain’t real without inflation…”

For the rock fans, “the wrist on that boy rockstar like Pink Floyd…”

For the weathermen, “I predict snow, Al Roker…”

For the “self-made” story genre lover’s, “this ain’t for the conscious / this is for the mud-made monsters…”

For a 41 year old with a storied career, Daytona is a noble effort. Because of his career arc and age – remember, he’s been doing this since 1992 technically and has been meaningfully on the public’s radar since 1997 – there is history here. If you’re still not convinced why you need to check it out, just recognize that history means multiple generations of rap fans will be drawn to analyzing this one.

Bonus track: because the album title made me have to pull it up for related nostalgia’s sake, also listen to 1996’s “Daytona 500” by Ghostface and friends.

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