Sunday Music: Remember Sports Reissue “Sunchokes”

Remember Sports reissued their first album, Sunchokes, this week. It’s a fun record – poppy and punky, full of introspection, and we get to hear them working out their influences from their own voices across eight songs. Even though the original is only 5-years old, it’s clear they have come a long way.

I think Remember Sports continue to be underrated for how good their writing is. One of the highlights of this reissue is the Addie Pray demo versions of several songs (Addie Pray was singer/songwriter Carmen Perry’s pre-Sports solo project). All due respect to the entire band, but Perry is the real deal as a songsmith. The original version of “You’re So Sorry (Feat. Addie Pray)” proves it.

First case, her way of capturing a broken relationship that a couple is struggling to maintain is perfectly captured by these lyrics:

And I’ve thought about how different everything would be

It’s not worth it to get so attached to me

And I was too afraid that all of this would end

But I love you now. I loved you then

My heart, my heart, my heart, my heart

Your heart, your heart, your heart, your heart

Hold back these words we mean to say

We’re both so sorry everyday

Second case, here’s the demo performance from the reissue:

Third case, here’s how the band put it together for the album version:

Definitely check out this whole album, it’s insightful to where this band grew from. I’ll also keep plugging their 2018 album, Slow Buzz, which I’ve also written about here. It remains a personal favorite.

Honorable mention: their nostalgic video for “Tiny Planets,” which contains some great old photos and merch (that hand-stitched “Sports” in a heart patch is awesome – reissue that too, please).