Sunday Music: Sequestered In Memphis

If you can make an earworm with sequestered and subpoenaed in the lyrics, you get bonus points. I’ve been playing through some old playlists and re-stumbled upon this gem: “Sequestered in Memphis” by The Hold Steady. You’ll recognize some of the influences right away, but don’t get stuck on comparisons. There’s some crazy mix of Springsteen and the Replacements going on – but it’s still different, still special, still original. The lyrics are a piece of a story you shouldn’t think too hard about it (can’t say I haven’t, but if you get sucked in, see this).

Yeah, sure I’ll tell my story again
In bar-light, she looked alright
In daylight, she looked desperate
That’s alright, I was desperate too
I’m getting pretty sick of this interview
Subpoenaed in Texas
Sequestered in Memphis

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