Sunday Music: “Shortcummings” By Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods do this minimalist, post-punk, not quite rap, kind of danceable, not quite anything else thing. It’s always original and interesting in some way to me, and their latest album, Spare Ribs has some great tracks. In particular, I can’t get the song, “Shortcummings” out of my head.

Background first (and yes, I had to look this up): Dominic Cummings is an English political strategist who played a key role in the push and vote for Brexit, and then most recently as Boris Johnson’s adviser. True to Sleaford Mods’ form, they don’t like him, think he’s an elitist, and are using this song to expand on their political feelings. That should help explain things if you want to dive into the lyrics.

Take that background check for what it is (it’s a big part of the song), but it’s the laid-back tempo, the sheer attitude, and the catchiness of the hook that stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s an intensely fun song. Not one that will get a party jumping per se, but the kind you want in the background of a meticulous robbery sequence in an old Guy Ritchie movie.

Have a listen for yourself. Here’s “Shortcummings” by Sleaford Mods.

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