Sunday Music: The Marfa Tapes Are (Camp)Fire(y)

This is the ultimate around the campfire recording. Seriously. It sounds like they recorded it on an iPhone around a campfire (or outside at least on some creaky chairs, sipping something strong, bleeding their hearts all over a dusty floor). It sounds that way because it’s what they did.

Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, and Jon Randall are all modern country royalty. Their new album finds them out in the country, in Marfa specifically, making one-take field recordings of some outstanding original songs. It’s incredible.

The lead-off song sets the tone for everything that will follow. A single guitar comping and playing a little melody, a song about longing to be in a lover’s arms, and some simple yet sweet harmonies that are destined to flame up and dissipate into an endless sky.

Here’s the opening track from The Marfa Tapes. Put it on and get yourself outside at dusk or later. Have a drink. Have a laugh. Have a cry. Enjoy.