Sunday Music: The Weight

Forget figuring out the meaning of the song. The debates are unsolvable anyway. Spend a minute listening and just feeling it. 

Keep the idea of weight in your head the whole time. 

The tempo (the speed of the rhythm) is a forced, tired trot. 

The shape of the melodies are conversational. You don’t even remember they’re being sung until the little bits at the end of some of the phrases when they tilt up, down, or both. 

The whole group joining in on the choruses, staggered, giving you then sense of them lifting the weight –

And, and, and you can put the load right on me

The stacking of the harmony – and the staggered entrance to support each other, like they’re each picking up a corner until it’s up off the ground – it’s a perfect musical moment. 

Gotta do both of this versions too, because Mavis. That’s a whole other weight. It was only a few months ago I found the second video – so cool.