Sunday Music: Thrashing With Riley Gale And Power Trip

Riley Gale was just a kid from Texas playing high energy thrash, punk, and metal with his friends. I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to much of this stuff anymore. They weren’t even on my radar and I’m a little disappointed in myself for that, because his band, Power Trip, is really good.

When Gale passed away a few weeks ago at 34, the outpouring of love and support from musicians, bands, and friends from all different genres and scenes really caught my attention. Even if this type of music isn’t your thing, he was the guy who invited everyone into his circle (social, and circle pit), and carried his friends on his back, the entire world over.

Listen to the this NYT Popcast (especially the last interview), or read this remembrance piece in Rolling Stone. Gale was a special one. This is the type of person we all should aspire to be.

I’ll pick one song I’ve been loving for how it sounds one part Bad Brains and another part Pantera (and all parts Power Trip). It’s blistering fast and then… the breakdown – pure hardcore magic. We even get an echo-y, whammy bar dive-bombing guitar solo. Check out this live version of “Firing Squad.” Riley Gale, you will be missed.

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