Sunday Music: Tkay Maidza’s Post-Breakup Plea “Don’t Call Again” (And More)

I heard the sound of the bass on this track and it was over. I can hang out in this vibe all day. There’s a ton of influences going on in this one that hit you right away. I hear Prince, 90s r&b, and OutKast to start. For a Zimbabwean-born girl living in Australia, the internet access to influence has not failed us with Tkay Maidza. Check out her post-breakup plea, “Don’t Call Again (feat. Kari Faux).”

Tkay Maidza got on my radar after she did “Carry On (feat. Killer Mike).” I don’t love the song, but I definitely love Killer Mike’s “big brother advice to little sister” sensibility on his verse.

Maybe some of that advice is carrying through. Tkay is finding her own voice and she’s got a natural authenticity to her. Everything she does feels like her, like she’s genuinely putting herself on the line. On top of that, everything is so damn catchy. She’s one to watch. If you’re looking for the single, it’s got to be “You Sad.”

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