Sunday Music: To See Your Face Again

Jeff Rosenstock is still randomly haunting me apparently. “Pash Rash” is off of 2016’s record, Worry. Nostalgia, self-awareness, a desire for direct human connection and not life via smartphone screen – it’s all here with the pleading cry to “see your face again.” 30-something pop-punk with the sense of a looming existential crisis.

Here are the lyrics and a link to the track:

I’ve been doing this for half my years;
I’ve been mouthing off in bars, trading shame for self-respect
My trajectory is crystal clear
I can see it in the stars that frame the shame above my neck
And the sky is always pitch black
When I sneak away, I only wanna come back and see your face, see your face again

I want to listen to The Cribs, my dear, while we make out in your car
And fuck the haters who object — they’ve overrated self-respect

The sky is always pitch black when I sneak away
I only wanna come back to see your face, to see your face again
Not borne on beams from outer space through AMOLED displays

To see your face again