Sunday Music: YBN Cordae

Rappers, beyond pure lyrics and beats, can explore melody, rhythm, rhyme scheme, tone, and a host of other things. Most rappers are not multi-dimensional, and to the extent they can be really strong in a few categories, storied careers have been made off of a short list of “she’s got lyrics,” “look – he’s singing,” and “check out that flow.”

YBN Cordae is willing to pull all the levers. Lyrically he’s no Kendrick Lamar, but he’s actually exploring the entire art form and not just Post Malone-ing it in. I’m really impressed with “Kung Fu” and looking forward to what comes next (and for when he can mature past “Locationships” – which is young buck clever, and apparently on the other side of my “I’m too old for this” line).

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