Sunday Music: Buju’s “Madda Badda”

I still predominantly listen to music on Apple Music (and podcasts on Spotify because the iPhone podcast app is not designed for people who like too many podcasts).  Sometimes, usually when I’m getting into my car and Bluetooth does its confused connection routine, DJ iPhone takes over and randomly picks something for me to listen … Continue reading Sunday Music: Buju’s “Madda Badda”

Sunday Music: Koffee Is Killing It

I saw and heard snippets over the last few years. But, my mistake, I didn’t slow down and really listen. Mikayla Simpson, known as Koffee, is a young reggae/dancehall/Jamaican/international star. Her music is both historically informed and modern. She is drawing on influences and pushing on boundaries in a unique way and we should be … Continue reading Sunday Music: Koffee Is Killing It