Sunday Music: Kenny Beats – Best Since Dilla?!

I’m not a big instrumental hip-hop guy. And while there are some vocals and other things on here, I haven’t been this into an album in this space since Dilla.  If you need some semi-background music to vibe to, throw this on. Magic. Kenny Beats, give me more.  It’s a 33 minutes album and you … Continue reading Sunday Music: Kenny Beats – Best Since Dilla?!

Sunday Music: Wu-Country Spinoff

I’m not (yet) in love with this, but I definitely don’t hate it and they’ve got me REAL curious given the connections -  What if I told you Tekitha (from all the Wu-Tang albums) and Prana Supreme-Diggs (RZA and Tekitha’s daughter) were recording country-infused pop songs and they’re pretty catchy? See it for yourself. Here’s … Continue reading Sunday Music: Wu-Country Spinoff

Sunday Music: Children’s Story

Kehlani’s new track, “wish i never” is good. But what got me to pay attention, if I’m being perfectly honest, is the “Children’s Story” sample. Here’s the Kehlani track and few other children of children’s story for your (nostalgic) browsing:

Sunday Music: My July 2022 Playlist

First and foremost, thanks to those of you who have kicked me with… “so it’s been a minute since you’ve shared a mix/playlist - what gives?” I consider this a midsummer’s vacation day arc, which starts with morning reflections and appreciations, midday day-drinking (complete with self-loathing and punky snark), a sentimental lull around dinner, a … Continue reading Sunday Music: My July 2022 Playlist

Sunday Music: Buju’s “Madda Badda”

I still predominantly listen to music on Apple Music (and podcasts on Spotify because the iPhone podcast app is not designed for people who like too many podcasts).  Sometimes, usually when I’m getting into my car and Bluetooth does its confused connection routine, DJ iPhone takes over and randomly picks something for me to listen … Continue reading Sunday Music: Buju’s “Madda Badda”

Sunday Music: Dilla Time

Dilla changed music. But don’t listen to me, listen to Don Charnas. Start with this incredible interview he just did with Jesse Thorn on the Bullseye podcast, and then check out his new book, Dilla Time.  And, if you’re like me, spend the next few days revisiting Donuts and his other stuff. I wrote about … Continue reading Sunday Music: Dilla Time

Always Be (At Least A Little) Different

Don’t copy. Or, in 1986 speak, don’t be a biter.* Seymore Cray, the electrical engineer often credited with the investigation of the supercomputing industry had this to say about always (ALWAYS) doing things just a bit differently. It applies to whatever work you are doing. One of my guiding principles is don’t do anything that … Continue reading Always Be (At Least A Little) Different

Sunday Music: Leikeli47’s “Ladies Love Cool Jewelry”

Leikeli47 is back, still covering her face, and making her form of anonymous musical magic. There’s some great rapping, excellent R&B (I didn’t see this coming, but, OK - this girl can sing), and delightful hooks to keep me going back to this album.  Maybe she can continue to be the more-underground, masked Lizzo we … Continue reading Sunday Music: Leikeli47’s “Ladies Love Cool Jewelry”

Sunday Music: Kendrick’s “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”

Kendrick Lamar’s got a lot to say on his new record. But what really stopped me on my first listen was asking, “Is that Eckhart Tolle talking too?!” Spoiler: it is. On my first few passes, I think Kendrick has done it, yet again. If you need a quick intro to Tolle, read this (“Feel … Continue reading Sunday Music: Kendrick’s “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”