Sunday Music: Dissecting Nosetalgia (Pusha + Kendrick)

Dissect has been one of my favorite music/critical listening podcasts. In particular, I LOVE how Cole Cuchna spends as much time on literary analysis as he does on musical analysis. It reminds me of the types of conversations my friends and I had 20 years ago when we were in college, but better polished and … Continue reading Sunday Music: Dissecting Nosetalgia (Pusha + Kendrick)

Sunday Music: Drug Church

I would buy a book of Drug Church lyrics.  Here’s “Fun’s Over” from their newest album, Hygiene. If you like literary post-hardcore, art rock, give them a spin. I’m really enjoying some of their stuff (h/t NYT Popcast episode, “A Renaissance in American Hardcore Music” - which made me so, so happy this week).  In … Continue reading Sunday Music: Drug Church

Sunday Music: Bullion And ‘96 Feels

I’ve been going through boxes (and milk crates, and plastic bins, and…) of old CDs. Since I apparently don’t own a CD player outside of my car, I’ve been digging up whatever I can up online, and whatever I can’t, well, don’t get me started (but if you get in my car you will be … Continue reading Sunday Music: Bullion And ‘96 Feels