Leading From Behind (Running Back Parent Edition)

Legendary Cowboys running back Emitt Smith is a proud Florida Gators alum. When his son EJ decided to go to Stanford to play football, over Florida. He had this to say.  It’s a lesson in how to lead from behind, supporting the agency of your people, My son has his own journey, and it is … Continue reading Leading From Behind (Running Back Parent Edition)

Disney Park Character Training

I was talking to a friend putting together a memory book of trips to Disney World for her kids. She highlighted how the characters sign autographs and how the kids had multiple autographs of characters from multiple visits that were all the same.  That’s some serious character training.  Businesses that can capture the right vibe … Continue reading Disney Park Character Training

Lifestyle/Workstyle and Time/Money

I spend a lot of time in my professional life talking to people about “wealth.” It all boils down to healthy versus unhealthy relationships with both time and money.  And then Ash Ambirge showed up with a Selfish Forever email in my inbox. Unsurprisingly, she put a few things about time vs. money, wealthy vs. … Continue reading Lifestyle/Workstyle and Time/Money

When Experience Ceases To Help

Something I’ve experienced firsthand AND witnessed multiple other times within organizatoins is the “experienced” card.  Sometimes its valid. Years of work can lead to a strong gut-intuition that senses what’s what.  However, sometimes its invalid too. The mental barrier of “this is the way we’ve always done it” can end up being the wall the … Continue reading When Experience Ceases To Help