Sunday Music: Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome

You may find this as relatable to your creative process as I do to mine - here’s John Darnielle explaining how the new Mountain Goats album (Bleed Out) was inspired by action movies (via Paste Magazine): “I can’t really watch a movie at home without getting some ideas about the action onscreen or getting inspired … Continue reading Sunday Music: Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome

Sunday Music: Drug Church

I would buy a book of Drug Church lyrics.  Here’s “Fun’s Over” from their newest album, Hygiene. If you like literary post-hardcore, art rock, give them a spin. I’m really enjoying some of their stuff (h/t NYT Popcast episode, “A Renaissance in American Hardcore Music” - which made me so, so happy this week).  In … Continue reading Sunday Music: Drug Church

Sunday Music: Don’t Mutilate My Mink

I don’t know what rabbit hole I fell down to get sucked into Cristina songs, but how great is “Don’t Mutilate My Mink” - really?  I want to do my thing. I want you to appreciate it. I don’t want you to put your hands on anything or mess it up.  Fiercely independent and self-confident. … Continue reading Sunday Music: Don’t Mutilate My Mink

Sunday Music: My July 2022 Playlist

First and foremost, thanks to those of you who have kicked me with… “so it’s been a minute since you’ve shared a mix/playlist - what gives?” I consider this a midsummer’s vacation day arc, which starts with morning reflections and appreciations, midday day-drinking (complete with self-loathing and punky snark), a sentimental lull around dinner, a … Continue reading Sunday Music: My July 2022 Playlist

Sunday Music: PUP’s “Habits”

I’m still working through PUP’s new album, THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND, but I’m liking it more than I expected. Of my first “I want to hear that again” songs, is “Habits.” It’s a relationship bit, but it’s not. At least not the relationship you’re thinking of. If you’ve ever wrestled with something or had to … Continue reading Sunday Music: PUP’s “Habits”