Podcast Of The Week: Alex Morgan – Still Winning

If you haven’t been following the Men in Blazers spinoff, “The Women’s Game,” it’s an excellent podcast about… the women’s game (aka, women’s soccer).  American god Alex Morgan gives one of the best interviews yet. If you don’t follow the sport, she’s been at the top since 2011, and continues to be - at the … Continue reading Podcast Of The Week: Alex Morgan – Still Winning

Staying Optimistic (COVID-19/USWNT Edition)

I was with 26,499 other people to watch the US Women’s National Soccer Team last night. There were extra announcements to be aware of the current health risks. There were hand sanitizing stations everywhere. And, there were a lot of people, families, and workers enjoying a March evening match. There are headlines. There are real … Continue reading Staying Optimistic (COVID-19/USWNT Edition)