Thanksgiving: Amor Fati (2019 Edition)

A bit of a repeat from last year, but still sensible:

The stoic expression, “Amor fati” approximately translates to “love of one’s fate.” Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and “Amor fati” can serve as a reminder to be grateful for everything – not just the good stuff.

It takes more than one type of experience to shape us. It’s humbling to try to embrace them all, and that’s the point. So today, give thanks. For all of it. As frustrating and as aggravating as it can be – all of it.


While not truly mathematical, Scott Galloway’s The Algebra of Happiness lays out the realities of the path we’re each on and offers some tools and tips for finding context. We can’t have gratitude without acceptance.

Today is a great day for a reminder of how to be happy:

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