The Answer To MORE Uncertainty

The answer to the perception of more uncertainty isn’t to just hide under the bed. 

I tried. It’s not actually useful so come on out. 

The answer to more uncertainty, real or perceived, is to have more plans. 

Not for sake of paralysis, but for sake of confidently stepping in new directions. 

COVID was changing everything and then crypto was changing everything and now it’s artificial intelligence. They’re all having their influence, but everything is changing as fast as the things that are changing everything. 

I think of Reid Hoffman’s idea often – have a plan A, a plan B, and a plan Z

A baseline, an anticipated counter, and a survival strategy

A is what’s expected. B is a respectable alternative. Z is a shot at redrafting a brand new A and B. 

There’s lots of uncertainty out there right now (and kind of always, but hey). ABZ.

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