The Best Compliment I’ve Maybe Ever Received

I’m bragging a little. Forgive me, but this warmed my heart in a way that I want to put it here so I don’t forget this is who I want to be. I was told this by a client recently:

“You are a person who doesn’t think anything is dumb.”

I figured I was just curious. But if I can make people feel like anything is fair to discuss (without insulting them or myself, boundaries do of course matter), then I know I’m on the right track.

Happy Friday. If nobody has said anything this nice to you yet today, reach out to me and I’ll give you a boost, because now you know I don’t think anything is dumb.

ps. to be clear, when I’m working with somebody and we’re striving for progress, nothing is dumb. When I’m walking around through the world on my own, that’s a different case. You can reach out to me for things I do find dumb too – there are plenty.

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