The Books Pile Up

I need books stacked up around me to pick up at random. I figured it was an ADHD thing. But really, it’s just a physical version of other positively stimulative stacks and lists I know I’m happier when I have in my life.

The Japanese word for piles of unread books is “tsundoku.” 

It’s like a health/energy boost you discover in a video game, but it’s for creativity in real life. 

Here are my top 5 “get my brain working” stimulative stacks (and where I use them, not to be a brand-whore, but these choices are intentional). What are yours? 

  1. Physical books
  2. Podcast feed
  3. Audible queue
  4. Apple Music library (what I have and to browse)
  5. Twitter lists 

Any time I need a nudge, these are solid sources of inspiration for me. 

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