The Colossus Podcast Network Strategy

What it is, who’s it for, and because it’s also a touch aspirational – how’s it going to help?

I’m a long admirer of many things Patrick O’Shaughnessy is building. Here’s a log of influence. But this Colossus Podcast Network “what we do” statement is poetically simple and powerfully expressive:

Make educational and entertaining audio content for the most successful people in the world. 

Can you write that future-hit song about your own business? 

(I need to work on this)

“Invest Like The Best” has a library of investment and business adjacent professionals sharing pieces of their life story and answering (one of my favorite questions), “What’s the kindest thing someone’s ever done for you?”

“Founders” has David Senra’s insanely passionate notes on biographies. 

“Business Brekadowns is my go-to for understanding business models. 

These are libraries. Information banks, full of educational and entertaining content. In audio. For successful people.

My goal is to make Cultish Creative a similar library for ideas to start/base productive conversations on. Time to do some reflecting. Any ideas?