The Feeling Of “Making” Is More Engaging Than The Reflection of “Made”

On the ride to the top, everything is exciting. Once you’re there, oftentimes it’s said (or so I’ve been told), “it’s not all you thought it would be.”

The direction we’re headed in matters more than any one position. “I made it” isn’t the same feeling as “I’m making it.”

When we’re helping others identify and accomplish goals, the emphasis belongs on the process and the trajectory, not where they are or where they’ve been. The feeling of “making” is more engaging than the reflection of “made.”

Sometimes this requires redefining where they’re going. A person who’s made it needs something new to make. Their priorities are probably different too. Goals and objectives change with time and experience.

Our value shows up in how we guide the trajectory. “I’m making it,” sounds good, but “I’m making it,” feels inspired. Find the right feel. That’s where the value is.

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