The Four Types of Fans (Via Welcome To Wrexham)

Audience builders – here’s a lesson on the four types of fans from the excellent documentary series, Welcome to Wrexham. 

Whether you’re figuring out your people at work, or getting followers on social media, or getting people to come to your art exhibit – these classifications can be handy in thinking about who shows up and why. 

As they explore in the show, when you’re winning these supporters are all in unison. But when you’re losing, even the fans break down, break off, and risk breaking away. 

Happy Clappers: the people who smile and clap even when things are going terribly. Aka “your mom.” 

Moaning Supporters: even when things are going well, these people have something to moan about because “it should be better!”Aka “frustrated evangelists for your cause, who think it could be SO much more IF ONLY”

Passionate Lads: they’re emotionally invested to a fault. Aka “people who tell you what you’re doing is amazing and then tell someone else how much your work means to them.” 

Hooligans: the people who will defend you, to a fault, and sometimes for the separate sport of defending you. Aka “the guy with a good heart, but not the smartest one you know.” 

When you’re winning, these people all fall in line together. 

But when things aren’t going well, you almost need to address them separately. 

The hooligans will ruin things for everyone if left unchecked. The passionate lads can get all sorts of dejected by the emotional rollercoaster they’re on. The moaners mean well, but they are now really bringing everyone down. And the poor happy clappers, they’re hurting for you. 

This is without even discussing the doubters or fans of the opposition. 

It’s why understanding the stratification of your own culture can be so important. 

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