The Future Is Like The Present, Only Longer

Sometimes we get so scared of the future we make our present utterly miserable.

Baseball player Dan Quisenberry went full Yogi Berra when he said, “The future is much like the present, only longer.”

What we want to accomplish tomorrow needs to start today.

Whatever tomorrow brings turns into our next today.

Most of (basic) life doesn’t change that much. Take comfort there – in the morning coffee, the afternoon/still groggy coffee, the dog walks and alarm clocks, etc. Once you’re comfortable there, embrace the discomfort of the inevitable bigger changes that push our boundaries and expand our presents.

Feel that stretch? It’s growth. It’s good. And if we do it today, we can do it tomorrow too.

h/t Morgan Housel. I loved this his piece, “Rules, Truths, Beliefs.”