The Highest Level Of Employee Trust Is…

Rachel Botsman asked this question the other day, and every group leader will want to think on this for themselves. As a leader looking inward, 

What do you think is the highest expression of employee trust? (Please leave in the comments below.)

I was speaking with Eugenio Pirri – FIH, CEO of the Dorchester Collection, and he had a beautiful answer to this question:

“I trust you to make the right decision.”

I love that!

And the right decision might be making the tough call NOT to do something.

Note, I said inward and not downward. And, note Rachel’s comment on “right” sometimes including inaction by leadership. 

Read this older post, “Maintaining Choice, Creating Value” for more about how this relates to customers too, but I’m seeing Rachel’s comments and thinking about how it applies to creating cultures at work. In Scott Galloway’s words, “Success and greatness is accomplished in the agency of others.”

Or, as I expanded and will now amend, “Make a product or service and supporting culture, founded in your knowledge and experience, that respects and protects agency for all stakeholders.” 

Trust is saying “you do you” and meaning it. If values are aligned, it will be worth it. Within the internal culture, and in service of the external culture.