The Job Is To Convert The People, Not Leave Them Struggling

The struggle is real. The struggle is also big, small, medium-sized, and everything in between. We’ve got all sorts of problems. And, we’ve all got them.

As professionals, struggles represent the tension our craft resolves. It may be more whirled peas and less world peace, but a victory is still a victory. It takes good people to help. There’s always a job opening in the good people department.

Michael Curry, author and Episcopalian Bishop, made this point to Brené Brown: our job is not to get mad at the people, it’s to get mad at the system. Our job is to convert the people.

No matter the scale, whether it’s systemic injustice or software support, it’s the same plot points. The work is in talking people through a problem and rallying them to action.

The struggle is the human experience against the problem. The resolution is the emotional release from the struggle. Our job is to be helpful – even if it’s just whirled peas. Every little bit counts.