The Keys To Growth: Network, Brand, And Confidence

Here’s some advice from Tren Griffin to apply to ourselves or our businesses: build your network, brand, and confidence. Build them in that order, and then keep building so they compound. Let’s dissect each piece:

Our network is who we know and who knows us.

Our brand is what they know us for, how we explain ourselves to them, and how they explain us to others.

Our confidence is how clear we are in communicating our ideas, and how much belief (and fire, and passion) we have in our bellies.

If we iteratively improve on these three things – expanding our connections, better explaining and executing what we do, and being brave enough to keep doing it… Growth. Expansion. Improvement. They all follow.

It’s such simple advice and it offers so much potential. Build your personal or company’s network, brand, and confidence, and then iterate, iterate, iterate. The rest will snowball.

Want more? Listen to “Tren Griffin – Escaping Gravity” on the Infinite Loops podcast, or check out Griffin’s excellent blog, 25iq.

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