The Last Blockbuster And What It Means To Have True Fans

The beauty of a small business is its size. The last Blockbuster is still renting DVDs and Blu-Rays in Oregon. Blockbuster used to be a massive business, but as of 2020, they’re down from 9,000 global locations to 1. The store in Bend, Oregon has maintained enough customer interest to outlast all of its branded peers. It’s a reminder of what makes any business survive: enough customers who see enough value in what you provide to keep you in business.

It doesn’t matter how obscure, outdated, or silly it is, if you build it AND they come, you’ve got a business. It doesn’t have to scale, it doesn’t have to make a bajillion dollars. It doesn’t have to receive venture funding, achieve unicorn status, or be listed on the Nasdaq. It just has to be able to earn a profit and keep existing.

Whenever people marvel at how something exists, remember the last Blockbuster. Good businesses with good customers die hard. Find the true fans and take good care of them.

Ps. During COVID-19 they’ve been experimenting with socially-distant ways to rent. From their Twitter , “ We’re now offering rooftop pickup. Just shout which movie you want into the Quickdrop return slot and Danny will huck it off the roof.”

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