The Museum Of Failure

Have you had a bad idea lately? Still feeling bad about it? Or sore because you thought it was a good idea but the world/market/your friend told you it sucked? 

Sweden’s got you. 

Or rather, they’ve got a touring museum to remind you of the reality that failure happens all of the damn time. It’s as much a part of innovation as sweating is a part of exercising. 

A few of my favorite highlights:

Ikea a.i.r. (their inflatable furniture line from the 1980s, which struggled to stay inflated but also didn’t have any of those impossible locking screws)

Nike Magnetos (sunglasses with no arms, so all you have to do is – get this – glue magnets to your face and… they were surprised these didn’t sell?)

Rejuvenique (a horror movie quality mask that tones your face with a series of electric shocks. All you needed to do was use it 4x a week for 15 minutes and, what could go wrong? One user review stated, “it feels like a thousand ants are biting my face.”

At their core, these were considered good enough ideas to produce, market, and (attempt to) sell products. 

So whatever idea you’re worried about giving a go, at worst it ends up in this museum. And at best – well, what do you think? 

h/t Trung Phan 

Ps. Canadian readers – the Museum of Failure is currently in Calgary!