The MVP Makes The Most Players Valuable

The most valuable player is the one that makes the most players valuable.” -Peyton Manning

In wartime, the MVP keeps the most people alive, happy(ish), and working towards the big common cause despite the limitations of the battle at hand. 

In peacetime, the MVP keeps the most people flourishing, happy to stretch for reach goals, despite the limitations of survival being easy (so why try?).

Value is created differently in different environments.

Great leaders create value by knowing how and when to shift, and by staying aware of exactly what obstacles and opponents they’re facing at each point in time.

In quarterback terms, if you’re running down the clock, you know how to slow your team down and exploit your enemy’s over-eagerness. If you’re trying to drive far and fast, you know how to hype your team up, and move quickly without being overanxious. You know the enemy will sense your energy and the more in control you are, the better you can exploit their attempts to slow you down.

It’s a truth in any team-based conflict, competition, or market.

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