The Power Of Regret With Dan Pink

Dan Pink has a book out on Regret. One of the big ideas is refuting the idea of living life with “no regrets!” If you’re like me, you know these people, and you know you’re not one of them. 

I’ve got a laundry list of “well, I could have handled that better” items. Usually, I revisit this mental list at 3 in the morning. Productive? No. Educational? When I’m at my best. Sleep-reducing + stress-inducing? When I’m at my worst. And I’m usually not running down this list in my finest hours. 

Listening to Pink talk with Brené Brown I made this note to myself, 

Cowards die a thousand deaths. Cowardice – that’s the part I’m scared of. But, the brave are reborn a thousand times. That’s the part I have to keep remembering. 

Instead of trying to live with no regrets, it’s probably better to own our regrets.

Listen to Daniel Pink’s interview on the Dare to Lead podcast with Brené Brown, “The Power of Regret.” 

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