The Power Of The Piggy-Back

Behold the power of the piggy-back.

The candy at the counter of the grocery store, the up-sell after the “yes” in a presentation, the classic infomercial tag, “but wait, there’s more!”
Piggy-backs don’t just have to be about consumption. Piggy-backs can also be about community.

What do we do say when a colleague reaches a goal, how do we help a friend who needs a hand, what do we say to a stranger who is visibly lost? When we compliment, praise, or lend a hand, those are all piggy-backs too.

Whenever we see a moment, we can be more than sales-people, we can be good people. In the long run, community is more important than consumption. The real power of the piggy-back is to be aware of how often situations present themselves where we can add a little something special. The cost is often free, the value is immeasurable.