The Redheaded Cat Role Model

Steven Pressfied started trying to be a writer in his 20s. He wasn’t officially published and calling writing his career until he was in his 50s. 

While on his journey, he spent some time living in a rented house with no water or windows, and cooking his dinner over a fire he’d make outback every night. 

There was a redheaded stray cat who’d come visit him while he’d eat. 

He offered the cat scraps, but the cat never took it. 

The cat just stared at him. 

Studying him. Dissecting him. Judging him. 

For a while, Pressfield says that cat was his role model. Because the cat had its life together. 

The cat was getting on just fine in the wild. It clearly had its life together, unlike Steven. 

We can all find a hero in an unlikely place when we need one. 

We all have a redheaded cat nearby, if we look. 

If you need some inspiration, Pressfield’s new book is all about the journey to becoming a writer, and he’s telling stories about driving trucks, failing at marriages, learning the ins and outs of business he’s never told before (and in the way only he can). 

Check out Govt Cheese, I couldn’t put it down. It’s got almost a John McPhee energy in how it makes the mundane engrossing. 

Ps. And in case this point didn’t jump out – he wasn’t a “real” author until he was 50. It’s never too late.

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