The Time Daylight Savings Got Refunded

In January 1974, the US made daylight savings time permanent. No more falling backward. No more springing forward. No more cursing the internet of things for not being here yet and making you remember how to change the damn clock on the microwave.*

They did it in the name of energy conservation.

In 2022, the US once again has a “Sunshine Protection Act” arguing a new version of the same things.

Here’s the historical precedent. In January of 1974, this was a good idea until… wait for it… October 1974.

As it turns out, making your kids wait for the bus in the dark, the lack of fuel savings realized in the Department of Transportation’s data (there was a gas crisis remember), and a slew of other facts and anecdotes – all turned public opinion right back to where it started. Just like the falling behind hands on their easier-to-adjust clock faces. How poetic.

I officially have no strong opinion on if the Sunshine Protection Act should or should not be passed. If they do, I hope they’ve studied the historical precedent for trying. And, if it fails/is reversed again, I offer my “Daylight Savings Refund Act” title for them to use.

*yes, this post is just a sad plea for someone to help change my microwave clock.

h/t to Morning Brew for the 1974 story

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