The Time Joey Ramone And His Mom Went On Geraldo

I should save this for Mother’s Day, but I just can’t. 

In a segment titled “Heavy Metal Moms” (I know, I know, just sigh it out and keep going), Geraldo asks questions to Charlotte Lesher, Joey Ramone’s mom, about songs like “Beat On The Brat.” 

Pause for a second and ask yourself – what do you expect to happen?

She’s being provoked by a talk show host. Her son’s song sounds like it could be about domestic violence. She must have strong feelings…

What will she do? Throw a chair? Cry in despair? Pull the bat mentioned in the song out and go to town on Joey, Geraldo, and then the audience?! WHAT?!?! 

Nah, none of that. 

Charlotte sings and dances in her seat. 

Because she knows every word. 

Like a proud mother should, like a proud mother would. 

She’s smiling. The crowd’s cheering. The camera frames her and her son. 

Joey says, “That’s my mom, ya know?” 

Charlotte goes on with Geraldo leading about just how much she loves her son’s music. 

It’s a beautiful moment – and it’s way more than about how Charlotte and Joey connect over being different types of artists. 

Everything about the design of this segment is to lead us into thinking something is amiss. We’re waiting for the surprise. The twist of Charlotte being Charlotte is perfect. 

So what the kids are weird. 

So what the next generations look a little odd. 

Find a way to celebrate them. 

Even if you mislabel the moms on occasion –

Love and art always win. 

Check out the video below (and h/t The Live Version on Twitter for surfacing this)