The Time MLK Paid Julia Robert’s Hospital Bill

Julia Roberts’ parents ran an acting school in the 1960s. 

When Martin Luther King, Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King were having trouble finding a place for their kids to study, they reached out to the Roberts. 

Segregation wasn’t pretty. Mixing races at the acting school led to a car bomb going off outside of one of their plays in protest. But the Roberts didn’t let that change how they ran their school. 

Their choices didn’t exactly help their finances either. 

Julia Roberts told Gayle King how her parents were in a financial pinch when they had her. As a gesture of appreciation for the work they were doing inside and out of the acting school, the King’s paid the Roberts’ hospital bills for Julia’s delivery. 

Take this as a reminder to fight for your causes and take care of your people. 

h/t this Gayle King interview where she tells the story. Amazing.

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