There Is No Level Playing Field

If I had a nickel for every time I thought I had been cast out of humanity… I’d have more than a few commas to my name. 

To my fellow lost, cast out, and hopeful the hopelessness has a happier ending friends – 

I come bearing good news. 

Well, maybe not good exactly. 

Realistic news. That’s better. I’m here to tell/remind you, “There is a way.” 

Actually, I’m sorry, there’s no way

Because there are ways. Plural. Should be obvious, but there are interested parties in keeping us oblivious to the obvious. 

People will tell you the playing field really is level, OR  they’ll claim they have ways to make it so, if only you’ll listen to them (and usually pay them consulting fees). 

Here’s all you need to know:

There is no such thing as a level playing field, anywhere or ever. 

All you can do is learn to play the field you’re on. 

Even better, embrace learning to play on non-level fields. 

If the game isn’t “fair” from the get-go, why are you worried about winning from their rules? I’m not saying cheat, but I am saying look beyond the rule book. Get outside of the box they’re putting you in, if only for a moment. 

Yes, it is utterly terrifying at first. But, it’s so much fun. Once you’ve embraced the unlevelness of it all.  

Every time I feel cast out of humanity (because I’ve said something dumb, or I’ve wrecked something that shouldn’t have been wrecked, or… you get it), I remind myself – there’s another game to join. There’s another path back in, if I want to find it. There’s always MORE. 

If you’re alive, there’s more games to be played, with more ways to win, or at least to have a little fun while you’re there figuring it out. 

There is no way. There are ways. These are the ways. 

Come play on unlevel playing fields with me. 

Bonus Points: Life’s not just not fair, it’s not fair in ALL of the ways, and that’s all any of us ever need to know. There are lots of examples of systematic unleveling, many of which are true injustices(!). But, we fix them by getting outside of the system that created them, so please, get creative with me here (I’m not defending stupid, I’m looking for fresh ways to attack systemic stupidity).