They’re The Heroes, We Just Write The Story

Superheroes aren’t interesting because of their superpowers, they’re interesting in how they relate to everyone else despite being so radically different. Relationships and perceived relatability are simultaneously as basic and complicated as it gets. These are useful templates we can use for managing our own professional relationships.

From Amazon’s adaptation of The Boys, where the “what makes the good guys good” notion is turned on it’s head, to The Avengers where the relationships between the heroes, villains and all of humanity give us epic drama – it all revolves around what makes people special and how they fit into the future. With or without literal world saving, we have special people doing special things.

If we think of ourselves as the storytellers, we’re always looking for what defines our clients and their future. We want to treat their uniqueness as a superpower. If we show them we see how a desire to pick the grandkids up after school is as important as rescuing civilization from the grips of evil – we’ll show we see them for what matters, not just another mild-mannered citizen or some freak who can drive our box office profits.

Services are stories that transport us to the future. We’ll choose the services that take us towards the future we want. Our clients are always the heroes of these stories. We get the privilege and opportunity of figuring out how to write them, and as a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility.

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