Thoughts And Spirals

There are mornings when everything is just clicking. Where the momentum is in place before the first sip of coffee, and when that first sip does happen – boy, now we’re cooking. 

And then there are mornings when nothing is clicking. At all. What’s the opposite of zipping? Let’s go with broken zippering. It’s supposed to work and be easy, but now it’s all stuck and you need an engineering degree to do it. 

Thoughts, activities, and feelings compound over long stretches of time. 

You have to believe in yourself for more than one day to achieve greatness. You have to hate yourself for more than one day to get deeply stuck in life. 

But inside of a day/morning/meeting, your thoughts, activities and feelings can spiral.

Spirals lead to compounding.

There are good spirals and bad spirals. 

Joy Lere said (and the reason this post now exists):

Every conscious thought you have either sends you deeper into the mental spiral you are in or frees you from it. 

When everything is clicking, or everything is broken zippering, there’s a before, now, and later. Connect those 3 points and you have the direction you are spiraling. 

Good news. 

Later hasn’t happened yet. 

If we’re broken zippering, start in now – before later – and Little Mac star punch that thought, activity, or feeling in the other direction

Easy to say, hard to do. But I need this reminder (a lot). Thanks Joy. 

Bonus: This post – “Know Your Flywheel” is relevant here, especially for business owners.