Three Levels Of Teaming Up (VWW)

I’ve been doing a lot of team-building lately (hi Ben!), talking to my friends about team-building (David R., Dan M., Laurie H. – I see you), and reading/re-reading stuff with a particular eye on this (shoutout to the Digging The Greats “Soulquarians” episode especially). Here’s my riff to the various levels of teaming up:

There are three phases (as far as I can tell) to teaming up. 

Voltron: a bunch of nobodies who come together to kick ass.* 

Wu-Tang: together, you’re an established monster, but when the head starts launching everybody out to solo careers, we realize the power of each member in their own right. 

Wilburys: as in the Traveling Wilburys, whereas only after the first two areas have been experienced, we get a gathering of true masters choosing to play together in a supergroup. 

If you want to build a community, if you want to NOT be a one-hit wonder, this is the template. 

And once you’ve got it cranking, this is how you can level up.

Find your people to form Voltron. 

Make sure everyone a star in their own right like Wu. 

Form supergroups across organizations like the Wilburys.   

*to the Voltron fans who see my use of nobodies as offensive: sorry, but I never knew nor will I ever learn their names. I love the concept enough for it to be here though – we’re still cool, right?

Ps. I have to share the Billions scene, you know?

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