Three Things All Successful Products And Services Posses

A (big) little insight from the legendary behavioral scientist BJ Fogg on successful products and services:

They help people do what they already do.

They help people feel successful (especially on their first use).

The simplicity of their use changes the user’s behavior.

Look around and notice these. Not just in your favorite products and services, but in the ones you use every day (and maybe even take for granted). These are powerful observations. They get to the heart of how habits form and stuff gets embedded into the fabric of our lives.

Next, we want to look at our own products and services and think of how these apply and can be applied.

What are our clients already doing (or wanting to do more of) that we supercharge?

How does working with us or our product make them feel immediately more successful?

How do we make what we are doing simple, clear, and easy to keep doing/returning to?

Solve these and thrive. Revisit them often.

h/t Josh Spector’s For The Interested Newsletter

See also “Behavior = Motivation + Ability + A Trigger” for more BJ Fogg and an explanation of his extremely useful behavioral model.