Tiffany Haddish Sees Opportunity As An Ice Cream Truck

Tiffany Haddish doesn’t think opportunity knocks. She thinks opportunity is more like an ice cream truck. 

We’re like perpetual children, inside on a summer day, hearing the music in the distance – calling out to our very souls. 

The real question is not if you’re going to answer the door to opportunities knocking, it’s how bad do you want the ice cream and what obstacles are you willing to overcome to get there?

Here’s how she explained it to JB Smoove, 

Opportunity is an ice cream truck – playing that music while mom is lecturing you. I would run three blocks without shoes for an opportunity once I know it’s one. Chase it down. Eventually, it’s going to stop. 

If you need a (sometimes) inspirational laugh today, give her appearance on the May I Elaborate podcast a listen.