Toddling: Not Just For Toddlers

Why do we call kids toddlers? Because “to toddle” means to walk unsteadily.

I never heard “toddle” as a standalone verb until Diana Chapman said it. And, I loved how she said it in this context:

You have to give yourself permission to toddle.

Just like a baby learning to walk. It’s not pretty. But the adults cheer and support, they help when baby cries, and they celebrate when a first, second, and third step are strung together.

A toddler is just a name for a developmental stage.

We toddle through all sorts of later stages of life too. It helps to remember what got us through it the first time around.

If your team has a new idea you’re trying to implement, make sure everyone has the space and correctly reinforced feelings while they toddle.

Praise the steps. Help with the falls. Believe in the outcome.

Listen to Diana Chapman’s interview on The Knowledge Project podcast episode #130 for this idea and a whole lot more.